NFC & Key Sokur – Welcome to Cancún EP (Furious Mandrill Records)

Mexican duo NFC & Key Sokur make their debut on Furious Mandrills Records with their sun-drenched Welcome To Cancún EP that brings 3 new tracks from themselves and a remix from Alexny.

Taking an Afro-Funk approach to all of the tracks on their new EP, Water Love is the first of the quartet and is a smooth and soothing opener that cleanses and refreshes the mind so that you fully appreciate it, and the music that lies ahead. The title track of the EP is up next and this uptempo and groove-laden number has most definitely been created to help the dancefloor simmer reach boiling point! The final track from the duo Malaui eases the pressure with a cool guitar riff and African vocals and is perfect for a late laze as the sun goes down. Alexny brings things to a close in a blaze of glory by ramping up the heat in his funky House remix of Welcome To Cancún. Hot stuff as always from all parties involved!


Buy NFC & Key Sokur’s EP here on Juno.


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