Force Mass Motion- Ecstasy In Your Eyes EP

Mike Wells has been a foundational pillar in the underground music scene, weaving his magic through the evolution of rave, UK hardcore, and jungle, and leading the charge into the nu-school breaks era. With a resume that boasts appearances on labels such as Rabbit City, Lot49, and Kingsize Records, Wells has now taken the reins at his own label, Force Mass Motion Recordings, continuing to innovate and inspire.

The lead track ‘In Your Eyes’ is a club-ready anthem, brimming with elastic drum rhythms and vocals that bring a touch of humanity to the mix. Acid lines that sing, hefty hits, and lush chords keep the energy dynamic, ensuring the dance floor stays alive and kicking. Then there’s ‘Oh Ecstasy,’ a track that’s true to its name, delivering a euphoric rush with its punchy vocal shouts and synths that beckon you to dance. Powered by Wells’ iconic breakbeats, the track is a masterclass in building suspense and delivering drop after thrilling drop. Force Mass Motion’s latest releases are nothing short of dance floor dynamite, packed with the promise to move you off your feet and into the heart of the rave!

Release Date: 08-03-2024

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