Fibzy- The Deidre Barlow EP

Aye up, that Fibzy’s only gone and released a vinyl EP of Breakbeat Hardcore gems with a bonus free Digital EP on 4 To The Core!!!

Deidre Barlow EP

This is not Corrie! Fibzy shreds it up with the bass assault of ‘Dead in the jungle’ where contemplative spoken word is juxtaposed by ripping basslines, smashing amens and uplifting interludes.

‘Heartbeat’ combines power soul vocals with fast paced breaks and stabalicious piano with a trippy mid section straight outta 92!

‘Tell Me Why’ is choppy UK Garage with the chugging kicks swapped out for amen breaks and massive Happy Hardcore piano. This unique combo is underpinned by rumbling sine waves and sections of manic hoovers!

‘Tonight’ keeps up the Happy Hardcore theme with hyperspeed breaks that steam roll into a Force & Styles style drop. From here, you can things progress into rumbling Reese bass, but breaks and apocalyptic hoovers!

Ravers Return Bonus Digital EP

Fibzy welcomes us to the Ravers Return with 5 monsterous slices of Hardcore! ‘Broken Heart’ is a Piano/Vocal Breakbeat Hardcore tune bigger than the great Wall of China! Fibzy blends the happiest of piano and saccharine vocals with brutal bass, and hard amens and militant hoovers!

‘Deidre’ s Cream Pie’ opens with a DnB influenced beat and strings section. What follows is presumably a sample from Coronation St about jelly, and how the lead into some Vibes & Wishdokta style action!

‘Let my Love in’ partners singalong vocals with the absolute maxi amount of summer possible to fit into one track. We get more of those nice chopped up vocals and golden era rave stabs for good measure!

‘Light me up’ will do just that with a euphoric bass driven open, House music style piano with a kaleidoscopic descent into rave mayhem at the mid point!

‘Silence’ injects some sunshine into a sad song with dreamlike and inspirational keys powered along by bouncing breaks. In true Fibzy dark vs light style, the things soon progress into some midsummer rave madness! There seems to be a message hidden in this track, but maybe you notice it too? Either way, I it’s one of five absolute bangers!

Tonight (Amaretto Remix)

Everyone likes a bonus and what could be better than a remix from Hardcore general, but Amaretto who reworks ‘Tonight’ into a UK/Happy Hardcore style stomper with a cool drop that incorporates those contrasting Hoovers from the original. Get your stomp on!

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