The Armory Podcast – Episode 226: Dassier Charms

It’s been a while since The Armory Podcast released a guest mix and it’s been even longer since we’ve shared one. So, with both parties now setting that record straight, we bring you the latest episode from Spain’s Dassier Charms and as it turns out, it’s not only one of the best mixes in the Armory’s illustrious back catalogue, but also one of the best breakbeat mixes we’ve heard in a long time!  The music on board is imposing and intense and the ferocious energy never lets up till the very last second and the flow, bang on point! Everything you hear is exclusive material from Dassier’s 333 Frequency label and because you’ll not want to miss it all, follow here on Soundcloud. Tell all of your friends breakers and they’ll love you all the more for it!

Links for Dassier Charms :

Soundcloud / Facebook

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