Sublove Legacy Vol 3

Kniteforce presents Vol 3 of Sublove Legacy featuring 7 gems from the Sublove back cat and a brand new remix

‘Skank Mission’ is a track cut from the early Proto Rave sound of the Ragga Twins & Shut Up & Dance. It samples Nightmares On Wax and sounds very much in the vein of early Suburban Base & Moving Shadow, especially with the orchestral strike notes and booming subs.

The opening strings of ‘140’ sound like those of a 94 Tearout Jungle tune. The first big riff section is a variation on Blame’s ‘Music Takes You’followed quickly by a sped up stabby version of the intro notes. The notable production standards are clear to hear on this gem from way back when, one of the reasons Sublove tracks are so sought after along with Hyper On Experience and Foul Play. These producers were top of the game all the way back at the start of the rave movement

‘Change Your Ways’ is a very unusual take on Breakbeat Hardcore, sampling power ballad rock riffs and putting them through the sampler to create distinctive Techno like stabs set to rolling perc loops and breaks. Its extremely hard to make a proper description of this track, its not simply quirky, its innovative by today’s standards, sounding like a forerunner to ‘Jilted Generation’ Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers!

Once again, ‘Underground (Unreleased Original)’ seems to precede much of the early Jungle sound with out of this world chimes, myriad breaks, acid 303s and some straight up 91/92 ‘ardcore hoover riffs all rolled into one constantly evolving track!!! Dance music conventions get the V sign from the superior production style of Mr Wisternoff and Mr Kausman!

‘DJ Bonus’ is a dark, intricate slice of hybrid Techno/Hardcore sounding like a precursor to 00’s NuSkool Breaks. The emphasis is on space with sections of moody synth and sections of pure breakbeat

Next is a tune that will always hold a special place to this writer. I first heard this track on a cassette of Ellis Dee, Dreamscape 4. For over a decade I had no idea what it was called or who made it. ‘Hyperactive’ personifies the sound of early 90s raves with manic synths and quintessential rave breaks punctuated by a brief interlude of warm soul. Despite being 100% a hardcore tune, it conceals elements of Jody Wisternoff’s future forays into House & Techno.

‘Underground’ is a Kaleidoscopic Acen style blast that sets the tone for just under 6 min of stabby sugar rush rave cut from the same cloth as ‘Hyperactive.’

Lowercase & Luna C remix ‘140’ adding their own twist on the ‘Music Takes You’ variation and a melodic Landlord riff to add some extra bam, biff, boof and bosh to the already excellent original!!!

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